A fun look at office etiquette and more

It’s a regular work day, and everything seems normal in the office.

John walks out of the kitchen, but something looks different in his eyes. What is that emotion? Is it anger? Revenge? He sits down in his cubicle, eyes slitted and watchful, staring at the kitchen entrance. Ryan walks through. John’s interest is perked.

Some time passes,
and out Ryan walks,
looking satisfied and full.

He’s even wiping a crumb from his mouth. And then John sees it – a Schlotzsky’s wrapper – in his hand. Ryan walks by the bin and casually throws the wrapper in. John ‘s face reddens with anger. That was his sandwich!! What will come next?

For those of us who have or are working in a corporate environment, we know there are unspoken rules when it comes to the break room and lunch. There are a few things we all must do in terms of office etiquette in the kitchen that helps everything run just a little smoother. Wash dishes after you use them, wait your turn to use the microwave, appropriate work conversations, and so forth.

But the biggest rule of kitchen office ettiquette – Don’t eat other people’s lunches.

It’s a big don’t.  And when the mighty rule is broken, what avails?  Passive aggressive behavior of course. It seems in most cases, passive aggressive behavior in the office amounts to a lot of awkward moments and funny notes. So, what else is there do but enjoy them.

Office Prank (*from Weirdomatic.com)

Here’s a gallery of office notes from ebaumsworld.com, and yes, they are all authentic.

Here’s the link: http://www.ebaumsworld.com/pictures/view/80763162/

And, if  that didn’t satisfy your  funny bone. Maybe this will. Unnecessary quotation marks. Oh,  how those two little lines muddle meaning and put a bit of existentialism into any situation. Such a pleasure to think about.

Unnecessary Quotations Marks: http://www.unnecessaryquotes.com/

Have fun!