Buy a Stupid Product for the Holidays!

Stupid ideas turned into stupid products….

We’ve all had ideas where we were sure someone could make a fortune from it.  Although some argue there’s no such thing as a stupid question, I have yet to hear this rule applied to a product. There are stupid products. They are so niche, so ridiculous, and so delightfully hilarious that we at Miss Mentor must share them with you. From the great people at Huffington Post, we bring you The 15 Stupidest Products of All Time.

There are 15 short commercials for stupid products you could never dream of inventing yourself! They are all real.

Take a look here: 15 Stupidest Products of All Time

It will be sure to tickle your funny bone for Friday.

And not to drop any names or anything, but I sorta kinda know the guy who’s dad invented the baseball-shatter through a windshield decal. It’s OK to be impressed. Well, his friend told me his dad did, and I haven’t really checked the facts. I’m not sure why anyone would lie about such a thing. Maybe a ploy to really impress me?

Anyways here’s a picture of it.  At least we know it exists! Boy, the look on someone’s face when they think a basesball has gone through their windshield…..

Baseball-Shatter Gag Toy
Baseball-Shatter Gag Toy

So if you are already looking for presents no one will take seriously for the holidays, perhaps you can try one of these.

Happy Friday!