Office Party Etiquette – Who you bring

Office Etiquette – the office party . . . who you bring.

This may sound a bit prudish and perhaps even anal-retentive, but you really need to know this. Follow the office party invitation instructions precisely. That means, unless it states that guests are welcome . . . Guests are NOT welcome, even your spouse who knows everybody and is looking forward to seeing them.

There are many reasons the guest list may be limited and it really isn’t for you to figure out. Just play along nicely and no one gets hurt. Sure your spouse may get his feelings hurt, but you guys can always host your own party. This is an official company function and planning decisions have been made. Respect those decisions. The consequences for disrespecting the decision may not be immediately apparent, but you will no doubt leave an impression on the internal planner of the event – who may have more sway with upper management than you imagine.

It’s kind of like a wedding. Would you show up with a guest if you weren’t “and guest”ed on the invitation? (say no, please say no!!)

Exactly (you did say no, right??)

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  1. You are too funny.

    Indeed yes it IS just like a wedding.

    But then again I had to explain at a forum I run to some woman that just because her extended family was precious to her did not mean the bride had to invite them. People seem to have lost all sense of MANNERS! oh my WORD! YOU are invited. Either ACCEPT with grace and gratitude or send your REGRETS.

    Don’t even get me started on people who don’t realize that RSVP include sending REGRETS when that is the case…


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