Office Etiquette – Making Introductions

A little old fashioned office etiquette for making introductions, particularly outside the office. Be careful in making introductions. It is easier to evade than to cause disagreeable complications. It is unpardonable to introduce one party to another after having been warned not to do so. Board Members can be particularly tricky about remaining anonymous with employees of the organization, be aware.

Forgetting a person’s name when about to introduce is awkward; when it does happen, apologize and ask for the name. It is also acceptable to request the other to, “Remind me of your full name.” In some circles this implies you remember the person’s name, but need help with the full name . . . few people are fooled by this, but it is polite. If you have had to ask the same person for his or her “full name” at more than one occasion in the past year, you have failed yourself with poor form. Get a course to remember names and study it. Daily. Until you get it.

If a person fails to hear the name, it is proper to inform the one to whom you are introduced and to say: “Pardon me, but I failed to hear your name.” In making introductions one should distinctly pronounce the names.

Men should always be introduced to women, the younger to an elder person, and if a purely social situation, unmarried persons to the married.

When an introduction occurs, future recognition is not warranted. For this reason great care should be exercised at entertainments that only those who are congenial to each other should be brought together. At small gatherings it is more appropriate to introduce. When many are present, it is not necessary to do so.

It is quite proper to introduce one group to another without formality at any sports function. Such introductions need not imply further acquaintance if undesirable.

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  1. Hello Miss Mentor,

    While I appreciated your helpful hints about name pronunciation and reminders, and we all can use that help, can we not? What I MOST admired here was the lost art of the social hierarchy of introductions. I grew up in the Northeast where things are more formal. Indeed, as it is a touch in The South and in TEXAS! It really is not in California where I lived for years nor in Nevada where I reside now. Oh, but the social nicety of it! It makes my heart go pitter pat when a gentleman introduces another gentleman first uttering the phrase, “May I introduce….?” Because it is the lady’s prerogative. For various protection reasons for her older more formal “reputation.” Still it is lovely. Like when a gentleman stands or does the gesture of a half stand when a lady leaves the table.

    I thoroughly love the social niceties of life. They are a social glue.

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell

    Single Baby Boomer Dating Success Expert


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