Investing versus Employment

Can you build wealth by being an Employee?


When thinking about your financial picture consider that having stability is the foundation from which you want to build. Some people prize that stability more than others. If you remember selling bumper stickers door-to-door in your neighborhood for extra bucks at the age of 7, and gumballs door-to-door at age 5, well, then you may have an entrepreneurial streak or at least a penchant for sales. Even still, you may prefer the “safety” net of working for someone else.

While current employment is no guarantee of future employment, the fact is, it is a lot easier to be an employee than it is to own a business for 99% of the population. Recognizing which part of the population you are in is paramount to your success. Even if job security isn’t what it once was, deluding yourself that you can operate a full business is always what’s it’s been – a disaster.

Take a soulful look at which you prefer and get a few more ideas: How to Build Wealth – Investing versus Employment

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