Financial Fluency Series Starts

Guys and Dolls, based on the personal e-mails I receive from you, it is time to unleash the Financial Fluency series (insert maniacal laughter here: BWAHAHAWA!). We’ll start by easing you into a plan of action and then . . .

Do it!

Do it!

Do it!

No room for pussyfooting around. It IS all about you here. Learning how to conduct yourself at the office is all part of your grander scheme, yes? Getting your finances in order is part of the scheme too no doubt. The master page: Building Wealth.

1 thought on “Financial Fluency Series Starts”

  1. Hi Miss Mentor,

    indeed, I love ur website.

    I’m thinking that since many of your readers are women, and young alumnae in their early 20s or so that a little talking about investing in a wardrobe that is of excellent quality (like you, like me, like them!) is part of wealth building. It is both the mindset of being worthy of excellent things and The Best as well as that an excellent wardrobe costs less within 3-5 years than going out and purchasing Garbahge each year. Don’t you think so?

    Happy Dating and Relationships,

    April Braswell

    Single Baby Boomer Dating Success Expert


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