Business Phone Etiquette

Business Phone Etiquette

Business phone etiquette concerns the use of your business phone, easy right? Well that means the phone your business gives you to use on behalf of the business…. Head spinning yet?

Looking for how to deal with co-workers using the speaker phone in the office? OFFICE PHONE ETIQUETTE is the right spot. On this page we tackle the mobile phone from your boss.

Business Phone Etiquette RULES OF THE ROAD:
1. Do not use your mobile phone while driving, particularly your business phone.
Yeah, yeah, you’ve done it safely…. Here’s why you need to resist the temptation:

In many companies it is a violation of company code. WHY?!?!? When you are on the company’s dime, they can be sued for YOUR negligent behavior (see How to become an Entrepreneur for more scary stuff). If the company has a fleet of more than 3 vehicles, the company sponsored liability insurance may stipulate no talk&drive. In short, you could be canned for gabbing while driving.

2. Use of mobile phone in the office – BAD.
Chances are you have a landline available, use it. If you are running in and out of the office or around the office, you will be distracting your co-workers. Make it a regular habit and you can expect to have a team of co-workers give you a wedgie to remember someday soon.

3. Use of jabra et. al headsets
Please no. In the 80s when Princess Leia ear buns and Stars Wars were cool, these fine pieces would fit nicely. Today they create trouble. How many conversations have you inadvertently started with total strangers who did not see your Bluetooth headset? Since you tend to talk louder when using Bluetooth, you are even more disruptive to those around you. Use it walking down the street if you like, but avoid using it on the cube farm.

4. Walkie-talkie style phones.
Okay, I confess, when I first used a walkie-talkie style (Nextel in the 90s) phone, it was fun. Now however, that distinctive chirp that’s always 25 decibles too loud is just an irritant. If in the office, convert to your landline when possible. Just like with regular cell phones and the Bluetooth headsets, you will typically talk too loudly when indoors. These phones are great however when on a construction jobsite that is large enough to warrant this kind of communication. At that point though, why not get real walkie-talkies….

5. Use in restaurants for business.
Biggest business phone etiquette faux pas, using your mobile while meeting a lunch date for business or pleasure, particularly a client/customer/recruiter. Just don’t. If you MUST because the Hong Kong market will sink without you taking this really important call, then excuse yourself from the table. No big deal. But in all fairness, if your dining companion is a client, date, recruiter or customer, do not expect them to be sitting at the table when you return. Be in the moment.

The Essentials of Business Phone Etiquette
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