Attitude in the Workplace

Attitude in the Workplace

Your ‘Tude Dude!

What’s your attitude in the workplace? Everyone has had a boss who was a fool. To be a good leader, you MUST learn how to FOLLOW. Only after you have been a patient follower will you see the nuances of how your company works. That information is GOLD.

This is a topic with a lot of charge. I too have had my share of poor attitude days . . . I dare admit there was a full year of pissy behavior on my part. Did it get me ahead? No. Did it leave me looking like a fool? Yes. So here is some food for thought. Your attitude; your choice.

If you have realized that you need to move to the profit center of the company, congratulations! Your attitude in the workplace determines how you get there.

Pride and Ego are the killers to a good work attitude. So get over yourself already. You’ve got a career to build.

Antagonism towards your boss is counter-productive.
Make your boss’ job easier and over time you will win credibility from your peers and superiors EVEN IF your boss never notices. If you’ve noticed your boss is an ass, then EVERYONE else knows it too. They may be too polite to say it publicly, or too smart to sabotage their own careers. Good attitude in the workplace means showing restraint….

1. WHAT MUST YOUR BOSS PRODUCE? The annual report? A Engineering document? A fashion spread? Figure out what your boss owes HIS boss. This is not always obvious.

2. What is it that your boss dislikes most about her own job? If your boss produces the annual report, perhaps creating the footnotes and checking for referencing errors is the bane of her existence. Pick one detail of your boss’ job that she would rather not do and OFFER TO DO IT FOR HER.

3. Then do that one thing, EXCELLENTLY. No griping, no bragging, just do it and do it right. Work late if you have to. Just do it right and get it done on time.

When your boss can depend on you, you immediately increase in value internally and externally. You will get access to meetings with your boss’ peers. You will get invited to interview when better positions become available. Better yet, you may have a new position created for you.

Okay, but my office friends will think I’m a kiss-a**.

Yep, they might. And they might be the folks who are still sorting widgets 5 years from now when you are graduating from a top 5 business school with money in your pocket. Those folks are energy drains. Put them out of your mind. The right people, the people who will be leading their own companies, will notice your effort and they will help you over the long haul.

Your attitude in the workplace determines your success. Go to work everyday with the attitude that you will contribute to the bottom line, and there’s no stopping you.

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