Play Instant Chess!

Play Instant Chess, because all the cool kids do it. Okay, I know that as a big advocate for doing work at work and play NOT at work, this may seem . . . inappropriate. But hang with me.

My cousin, at the tender age of 8, was some grand whizzy, super-fly something or other in the Chess World. Besting the best in Massachusettes and elsewhere he had good “game” as some might say. I however was not included in the family chess-learning activities and have been sore about it ever since.

Well, Chess is an excellent strategy game AND it really does show how another person processes information. What I am finding as I study former employees, future employees and my compatriots is that a quick game of chess can give a good barometer of my competitor’s capabilities off the chess board. It has been remarkably accurate with predicting say a certain someone’s tendancy to give up or another’s procrastination and yet another’s devious genius.

Best of all, if the player has some experience you will immediately learn if they prefer to be defensive or offensive. Who do you want in accounting? Probably a defensive. Who do you want in sales? Probably an offensive.

The best part is, you really do not need to be a great player to see this unfold. I recommend adding a quick chess game to hiring practices. People reveal more about themselves to the keen observer than they may realize.

So play Instant Chess on Miss Mentor and get your game on folks!