I am a Rock Star . . .

Small diversion today: So you really want to be a rock star? If you’re a musician or know one, you’ll want to check this out:

Rock Star Training

Did you know that eMarketer predicts music download sales will surpass CD sales by 2010? Does anyone actually purchase CDs now?? I haven’t seen one in at least 8 years….
If you know any musicians, or if you want to be a rock star, this info could be exactly what you need to launch a career in music.

Here’s a double opportunity:

1. You submit your video and get immediate circulation of 250,000 people – this is not a YouTube “no one will see you” site. It’s this guy’s blog and that’s how many hits he had last month.

2. He is teaching a course. You have a chance to win the course and if you do not win, purchase the course. But you are not at all obligated to do that – you still get great traffic and attention for your video – no purchase necessary! Course price is under $100.

Rock Star Training Site

If you think you can shake it better than Sanjaya, go post your video. If you do post a video, let me know and I’ll go check it out and maybe even vote for you. Can’t promise you’re going to have groupies by February, but if this is up your alley, why not?

PokeyOs instead of Alcohol??

Can PokeyOs ice cream sandwiches save the day?

So sometimes it makes more sense to NOT have alcohol at your company function . . . Particularly if someone on your teamĀ is a recovering alcoholic or the party is mid-day and you actually want to get work done after the party. No one ever called me cool.

So what’s a company function without a treat that can knock you on your arse? Well, pretty dull. So try Ice Cream sandwiches instead. Take 2 super fresh cookies and a scoop of ice cream and voila! you have a decadent treat. Even the lactose intolerant can have the cookies so it ends up being a crowd pleaser and if you’re the boss, less likely to get you sued should someone veer off-road on the way home….

I got the idea to host our party with PokeyOs from a friend: Kate suggests PokeyOs. Since you probably don’t have one near you, check out the site and copy the concept. It’s super simple. For best results, find a local baker or order from PokeyOs online to get the cookies, ice cream in the feezer case at your grocer and you are all set. You’ll also save a bundle on the party expense versus the booze bash. Two fresh cookies, one scoop of ice cream, could it get any easier?

No alcohol-induced hanky-panky
NO DWI incidents
Super simple
Crowd Pleaser
Keeps folks productive

If consummed too quickly can cause ice cream headache . . .

Survey – Free Monkeys

Free Monkeys. Fill out our survey and you’ll get free monkeys . . . no, you really won’t get free monkeys. You’ll get my appreciation and dedication. You do need to click the SUBMIT HERE button for us to receive the info you put on the form. Don’t worry, we can’t trace this back to your office/home/race track unless you give us the TOTALLY OPTIONAL personal information.

Please note: we will never rent, sell, splice, lease, tease or otherwise abuse the information you with us. We really want your opinion. We now have a staff writer who’s taking up the task (almost) full time so now is the time to tell us what you want.