Budget – Free Worksheets

Love your Budget! Free Worksheets

Building a budget? Free Worksheets for you! Download our household budget planner. Manipulate your data as you like electronically instead of using paper and pen. Prepare your budget in a spreadsheet program if possible. It will make the process of analyzing your budget MUCH easier!

We think our download program is groovy. You can download our worksheets safely, securely and without loss of important formatting features, particularly if you will be using MSExcel or the Free Open Office Spreadsheet, Calc.

Trying to conquer debt, leap tall buildings without spilling your bubbly? I dare you!

This worksheet is dedicated to showing you how your debt “works.” Since each debt type and company calculates things just a bit different (daily avg, monthly compounding, etc.), please consider this an APPROXIMATION. A mighty good one.

With this sheet you can see how your debt is shrinking or growing depending on what payments you are willing to make.

Everything is possible, one step at a time.

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  1. Anyone else thinking of re-financing the mortgage at the new low rates this morning? I’m seeing some 5.30 APRs for 30yr fixed w/ 0 points.


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