Personal Success Coach Series

Personal Success Coach Series: was born out of a request from an unnamed colleague who couldn’t quite ever pull himself together…. And I don’t mean absent-minded bachelor “not pulled together,” I mean, “Dude, you’ve just killed your chances at the promotion by doing that.” Yeah, that kind of “not pulled together.”

Most of us have at the very least a seed of self sabotage.

Some of us unknowingly have a full garden of it.

This series isn’t here to replace mental health professionals – if you have a problem, go get serious help – but the series is meant to provide a few knowledge points and perhaps just the kick in the tush you might need.

Always be prepared – what to keep in your desk for all occasions
Your attitude – do you want to succeed, then do it.
Your cubicle/office – is a reflection of what you think of the company and of your place in it.
What you wear – is a reflection of what you think of yourself, how’s that thug look working . . .
Poise – mama said stand up straight
Presentation – some basics will get you in front of folks in no time
Speaking – impromptu and public speaking skills

This series ties together a number of concepts and difficulties you may experience in the office. While your success depends on more than just your office life, you probably have to have a job to eat . . . and to pay for rent . . . and to avoid arrest for indecency (i.e. clothe yourself!). That makes this a good place to start.

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