Advanced Reading Skills

Miss Mentor has teamed up with Dr. Bruce Stewart of ExecuRead to bring our students the best in reading skill development. You know how to read, now learn how to read, comprehend and move forward faster.

Sign Up for the Advanced Reading Skills Course March 10,11, 2012 in NYC

Course Information

West 25th Street between 6th and 7th Aves
(exact location provided in welcome email)

The course is 10 hours split into 2 days.
March 10: 1p to 6p
March 11: 10a to 3p

What to Bring:
Pen and Paper, other materials provided

Still have questions?
Please contact us: kmckeon (at) paladinprincipals (.) com


Q: Why should I learn to read faster?
The world contains an unbelievable amount of information which is growing ever more rapidly. This makes it possible to do many things that previously could not be done: spot business trends, capitalize on market dislocations, etc. Managed well, the information can be used to uncover new sources of economic value, and provide fresh insights. Despite the abundance of tools to capture, process and share all this information, you don’t have a way to process the information faster.

Knowledge Implosion occurs when the ‘big picture’ is so fragmented across so many people, that the benefits of having knowledge are destroyed – the 9/11 disaster and the attack on Pearl Harbor are attributed to unsynthesized information. The knowledge existed to have prevented the tragedies, but was simply too spread out to have been of any use. If you are manufacturing widgets, it helps to be a specialist and to know everything about manufacturing widgets. But it is also essential to know how your people are pricing, financing and marketing your widgets, what your competitors are doing in the widget market, what the consumers are saying about the widget market, what is happening to the widget raw-material market and what is happening in the widget-substitution market.

Q: Why classroom-based ExecuRead training instead of ‘packaged’ courses in book, audio or video format?

Reading is a physical skill – it needs to be learned and practiced. Few physical skills have ever been mastered without practice. While there is nothing essentially bad about packaged courses, you get what you pay for – a course only and not a skill. The skill comes from practice. A packaged course does not ensure that you will do the practice. In a classroom-course, you have an instructor who has traveled the road before you – he is there to explain the What, Why and How of the skills-development, to motivate, encourage, cajole and pressure you into doing the practice, to praise you for progress made, to answer and address your concerns, and most importantly to make sure that you acquire the skill.

Q: Why Speed Reading International courses (as opposed to another classroom course)?

In any training course, there are TWO essential elements – the COURSE and the TRAINER. The course must be successful in getting results and the trainer must be a specialist and able to engender confidence from those being trained. Speed Reading International has been around since the mid 1970’s and has a sound track-record with numerous blue-chip organizations. But this is not enough. If you are considering a classroom course, you need to ask yourself “Just how good is the instructor? How long has he been teaching this course? What level of results does he achieve? Do I feel comfortable with him or her as a person, as a teacher, as an adviser? Do I find the instructor credible, knowledgeable, sympathetic to my needs? In addition to buying a seat in a classroom, am I buying the right instructor?

The Miss Mentor team has worked with Bruce and have been paid students in his course. We recommend Bruce personally.

Client Comments:

“The most important professional development I’ve had in years”Brig Gen ***, USAF Pentagon

“An aid to help me manage the exceptional volume of reading I must do daily, while extracting what must be handled with greater recall afterwards.” Col ***, Director Training & Doctrine, Special Warfare Center

“I’ve recommended this to co-workers.” Cdr ***, US Naval Special Warfare Development Group

“Amazing results. Thanks to the ExecuRead course, I increased my reading speed by over four times from an already high base, with strong comprehension. That’s a premium skill for an MBA student.” Batyr Bulat, Harvard Business School

“I just finished the ExecuRead Speed Reading course – two high intensity sessions. I was kind of skeptical going in, but I feel really jazzed about it now. I boosted my speed by a factor of 9 (yes, 9 times)!!! And without any drop in comprehension!!! I’m still kind of shocked.

This is an awesome class and it would have a myriad of benefits to anyone out there. I feel like I have a new edge – starting to feel like a sniper on an information hunt, instead of getting bogged down in the weeds. I have never been so bowled over by an “advanced education” course to recommend it before. However, this one is THE EXCEPTION. This is a real world benefit. I gained way more out of this than I would a “typical job fair.” I fully endorse the course and recommend that you check it out.” Stuart M. Smith, Director, Cornerstone America


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