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Our parents and grandparents had limited information. You have limitless information. That should be good news, right?

Feeling Overwhelmed?
The Internet and modern media have created crazy access to information. There’s so much information that it can be hard to sift through all of it. When you do search for budgeting, over 14,000,000 pages come up in Google. Three quarters of those pages are outdated or written by spammers, and half of the remaining pages are just trying to sell you junk. Do you have time to read the “good” 1,750,000 pages that remain?

Search engines try to do the sifting for you, but they haven’t figured out how to sift the information into knowledge. It still takes a human to understand the difference between keywords and actual knowledge. So that’s what we do. Within our areas of expertise, we sift through to find the knowledge and we add our own wisdom, what one colleague called, Common Sense Wisdom.

Times really have changed. Wisdom today isn’t what it was for our parents and grandparents – yet they’re still giving you advice based on what they were given 30 years ago, BI, Before Internet (or Before Information). Our generation is the first to be MORE likely to live far, far away from home, travel the globe, and work internationally. You are lucky if you can explain Skype to your parents.

We have to understand IRA, 401k, ARM, CDO, terms that didn’t exist when our parents were our age. And that barely scratches the surface. Our world is more complex. Some wisdom stands the test of time: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. But other pieces of advice are completely outdated: don’t buy a house until you are married….

I started Miss Mentor mostly for my brother and sisters, but then I started teaching. So now, the resource is for all of us. The courses are designed by me and the instructors are trained and selected by me. I personally and professionally stand behind what we do. For now this is a labor of love. Hope we can help you get where you want to go.






What our Clients say:

“… an outstanding personal coach, mentor and friend. She has talked me through most of my major life decisions over the last six years, including my decision to pursue my MBA at Wharton and fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a US diplomat. She helped me to radically shift careers and was an invaluable sounding board, editor, and coach for my entry into business school. Her astute judgment and support were essential to my graduation from Wharton. She helped me make some tough decisions for which I’m unfailingly grateful.”
A.D. -Washington, D.C.

“Wow, super cool on the information, thank you! …I never looked at it that way. You certainly peaked my interest in the idea of potentially franchising and/or licensing my business. You were as passionate about the idea as I feel about my concept and what I have, not too mention my talents.”
Keith M. -Dallas, TX

“Dusted me off, got me back on my feet financially and showed me how to do it (build wealth) automatically. Literally went from -$27,000 of credit card debt (not to mention student loans and 2 car loans) to +$22,000 in my 401k, + balances in my bank accounts within 12 months! Now everything pays automatically. Her system works on autopilot. The best part is not crying when I think about my finances.”T.S. -Houston, TX