Ask Miss Mentor

Are you chafing at the seams about what your boss just said and want to retort . . . WHOA! Hold the phone sweets, better let that steam blow off before you respond. No matter how tacky your boss – I had one ask me to do a strip tease for the workers at a construction site to “motivate” them – no joke – disturbing, yes? – you need to calculate your response.

Go where you want to go, not where your career drags you.

So when you have questions or need to blow off steam . . . dial in to Miss Mentor. We are happy to answer your questions and to hear your gripes.

Having a bad day? Come on in. We can help with that too.

While I can’t get to everyone’s question, your question will be read. Sometimes that’s all it takes – knowing that someone else cares. We do. We are here to hear you and help you.

So shoot us a note, I’ll read it, and if possible, I’ll respond. If not possible, someone in the community will respond.

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Examples of questions I’ve answered in the past:

How should you ask your boss for a raise?

How should you tell your boyfriend to pick up his socks?

To 401k or not to 401k? What might be better for your situation….

Need some help with cocktail conversation – brush up on topics you know the dinner party will be discussing, look like the belle of the ball!

My cube-mate makes strange body noises, how do I make it stop!?!

When you ask a question you can request to remain anonymous, but please consider keeping your name public. We like for you guys to know that it’s real people asking real questions. This ain’t no corporate beast cranking behind the scenes. It’s just lil’ ol’ me and sometimes an assistant.

Take charge of your life!