First Draft of the Grammar Book is Here!

This past Spring I started and finished a small grammar book for a handful of students. Due to requests from other students I am making it available for download. It has been checked and rechecked, but until my grammar instructor can take a look, I am not making it available on Amazon.

From the download page, click download. It’s that easy. I could request that you sign up so I can show the publishers how interested folks are in the book, but I’d rather have your love than your money . . . at least for now. So show some love. Read the book and come back to make comments. If there’s something you like, let me know – something you think needs to be checked, let me know. You get the idea.

I’m really excited about making this available. Plenty of resources gloss over grammar issues, but few give you reasons for the whys and hows of American-English grammar. That is my objective. Without boring you to tears….

Without further adieu, to download, please go here: Miss Mentor’s Little Black Book of Grammar