Building Wealth – Your Solution to A-hole bosses

Is anyone around you talking about her fabulous 401k? Oh and she’s paid off all her credit card debt? What’s that you say, she’s buying a new house now . . .Feeling left behind? Hey, no sweat. We’ll get you up to speed in no time. If you kind of, sort of know what she’s talking about, great! Give the Financial Terms Dictionary
a quick review. If you know what she is talking and are ready to dig in, start with
Wealth Building Tip #1. You can review the Financial terms at anytime.

Wealth Building Tip #1 will give you a gentle framework for creating a budget. The basics are all there. You will want to spend some quiet time thinking about your income and expenses. Tempted to skip this step? NO! Let me talk you off the ledge. This is the MOST important step to planning for wealth. It’s not as onerous as you may think.

Have you completed WBT #1 . . . reaaaallly? ‘Fess up. You MUST do #1 for the rest of the plan to fall into place easy-peasy.