Job Interview Etiquette – Part 1 of 3

Is it hot in here or is it you….
You’re so hot they are beating down doors to get to you! With your job interview etiquette mad skilz, they’ll be panting for more. Sweet anticipation….

Job Interview etiquette is an essential weapon in your arsenal. Consider the interview a project.

As any good project manager, you will PLAN for the project, ASSEMBLE the necessary resources, EXECUTE and follow-up post project.

You have the interview so the PLAN is done. If you have NOT been asked to interview (yet), look to the CAREER section for job hunting tips.

Time to ASSEMBLE resources. What resources? Good job interview etiquette includes the things that make one a good interviewer.

RESEARCH! Know the company and the person interviewing you. Read their financial statements if you are interviewing for any job involved with management. Watch/read/see their ads particularly if you are interviewing for a marketing position – understand why they choose different ads in different neighborhoods for example. It is down right RUDE to walk into an interview without this knowledge.

ATTIRE! It is better to overdress (though not to an extreme) than to under dress. If you are unsure of your outfit, please look to PERSONA for advice on developing style. A black suit with clean, simple lines that FITS you is almost always appropriate.

WHATEVER IT TAKES to get you there. Literally, make sure your car is in working order if you’ll be driving. Make sure your toaster is working if you’ll be having toast that morning. Make sure to mitigate as many surprises as possible.

Office Etiquette – the good, the bad and the ugly….

Office Etiquette. There are so many ways to go totally and completely WRONG that this page can only begin to acquaint you. With that said, let’s dive in….

The Good
Your boss tells you the Palm tree motif in your cube is . . . cute.

The Bad
That Palm tree motif . . . it has to go. Today.

The Ugly
Take yourself with it and don’t come back.

So what happened here? At the very least you violated your boss’ sense of style – which may or may not be saying much. At the very worst, you managed to violate a company code for which you are being FIRED. Can your boss be arbitrary and capricious, HECK YEAH! Your boss is the BOSS.

Office Etiquette is divided into the following major categories:
Job Interview Etiquette
Cubicle Etiquette
General Workplace Etiquette
Office Phone Etiquette

What about the softer side of the office? The soft skills are often what send you further up the corporate ladder than you may deserve to go. Use these skills to seal deals, impress your boss and in general, make your life a whole lot easier.

Office Etiquette soft skilz:
Table Manners Etiquette
Letter Writing Etiquette
Table Seating Etiquette
Knowing good etiquette for both social and professional situations will keep you out of hot water and may just open doors you can’t even see.

***For those who think Etiquette is washed up, boring, stifling, etc. Perhaps. BUT the point of proper etiquette is to show respect to those around you. When folks around you (think clients here) feel respected by you, they tend to TRUST you. This means you get to see and do deals that your competitor might not. Still today despite technology, most BIG contracts are written BECAUSE the two parties established personal level trust – usually at the top. You’ve seen it happen. Learning proper office etiquette is how to get into the game.

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