Same Old Job?

“Tired of Working the Same Old Job?”

Land more interviews and get a higher paying job, Guaranteed!

The first question is, “How do you land more interviews?”

You land more interviews by having a compelling presentation to the person (gatekeeper) who determines whether or not you get an interview. Simple, right?

So HOW do you make a compelling presentation to this “gatekeeper?” 

If you know someone who can introduce you, great, but WAIT! What is the first thing the “Gatekeeper” will ask you to do?

Send a Resume . . .

But that’s not really what the gatekeeper means. What she really wants is your cover letter and resume. Employers know how to weed out the prospective employees so watch out! If you only send a resume, she probably won’t remember you and won’t know why you are sending the resume. At the bare minimum you MUST use a cover letter to remind her of your previous conversation (assuming you were lucky enough to have one).

Will ANY Cover Letter Do?What do you think? Really? Come on. Do you really have to ask that question?

Did you know that cover letters are reviewed in less than 5 seconds? But no big deal right, because you’ve got a killer resume . . . Um, sorry, no. If a reviewer loses interest in cover letter, the resume is never read.

You need the cover letter software that will take you there.

A cover letter is not JUST a cover letter. It is a SALES LETTER. You are selling YOU! That’s how most people go wrong. You must sell yourself or you won’t get an interview. No interview, no job offer, no fat paycheck and sweet vacation time….

Yeah, but now what?

Imagine cranking out your cover letter in less than 4 minutes. Is 4 minutes too much time to spend trying to land a new job? Is 4 minutes too much time to spend changing your career?

When you have had it with your current job, boss or company, then it is time to make a move –


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