Personal Career Coach Guide

Let this guide be your personal career coach. The cornerstone of building wealth for most of us – i.e. those who did not inherit more than $5 Million – is our career. In more recent times, this notion that each job should be a loving, learning, nurturing experience has come to the forefront . . .

That is complete #*@%*#&.

Your employer owes you nothing more than a paycheck WHEN you perform well. If you are surrounded by bigots and idiots (I have been too), MOVE ON. Get what you can out of each job, and NEVER LOSE SIGHT of your greater career goals.

Building a successful career and maximizing your success takes planning and effort. Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams. If you need an extra kick in the tushie, contact Miss Mentor. Look for these pages in the navigation:

Your Job Now – get to the profit center, get to know your superiors
The Job you want – steps for transition, ways to transition, costs of transition
Graduate school – when, where, why, how to pay for it
Making the cut – resume, references, get in front of right people, wow them
What bosses want and why you care
Office politics
Office Etiquette
How to become an Entrepreneur

Your side business – do not violate your employee agreement, some ideas
Your Very Own Full Time Business – professionalism is even more important

The Personal Career Coach guide is in tandem with the Personal Success Coach series. The Career Coach series is more external and the Success Coach series is more internal (i.e. intimately personal). Cool.

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