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From time-to-time employers send me a note asking if I know any great candidates. Sometimes I do, but more often I know about opportunities and can’t recommend any candidates. Hiring is tough!

Please bear in mind this page is not updated daily so the post you see may have been filled by the time you express interest. These jobs come to me directly from the source. Word of mouth from the person who can hire you on the spot. Why waste your time with anything else?

Currently Available as of 2/16/2012

PGA Tour
From the Source: “I am looking to hire a Director of Business Development whose job it would be to conceive, research, find partners and negotiate new large scale license relationships for the PGA TOUR.  Ideal candidate would be 35-40 years old, have some background in golf, some background in sports licensing, and a strong background as a proven new business developer.  I really need an all-star for this job. Compensation would be salary+ bonus for a total of  about $120K.  If you can think of anyone that might fit the bill I would really appreciate your letting me know.”

From the Source: We are growing again! Currently looking for a marketing intern who can devote 20 hours a week to rehabilitating and then growing our social media engine. Social and technical experience necessary.

From the source: Looking for capital team to put together pitch package and roadshow for new manufacturing entity, projected annual revenue: $240M. Luxury branding and direct sales experience is necessary.

Oops! We’re having email trouble. Send a note to Kate directly if you are interested in any of the above. “Be specific, be clear what you have to offer or I will not reply to you.” This is not a joke – she really won’t reply if you seem less than fit.

Kate: kmckeon (at) paladinprincipals (.) com

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