Brain Candy – Instant Chess

So there have been a few requests for more brain candy. Instant Chess is here to save the day. It seems that cube dwellers aren’t always getting the mental exercise they need to stay fit. Let’s give this a test. Leave your remarks or send me a note.


1. Make a move.

2. Tell a friend to make a move from his/her computer.

3.  Make your next move.

4. Have a buddy come make another move.


This is perhaps the coolest way to get your friends to geek-out with you. Everyone kind of knows how to play chess – Instant Chess on Miss Mentor is the ULTIMATE way to level the chess playing field . . . because it is totally open. Just because you start with black doesn’t mean you’ll play black the next move. It is a race to get yoru game in BEFORE a total stranger (such as yours truly) makes a move and messes the board for you. HA!

Of course you can also make teams, but beware the bogie….

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